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is a small scale server and community for people who just want to live their lives in peace and have some people to share bits of it with.

Ask to join

This server is ask to join, but don't be intimidated by that.

We only impose this because this community is run by just two people (@mbr & @serin) with a very bad server, so we need some control on the gates.

This server's basically a pub, and we're the pub owners; read the damn rules and guidelines, and we're gucci.


The code of conduct here is the same deal you'd get in a bar/pub/drinky-place: doesn't matter who you are, you're free to talk to anyone about almost anything, but if you start shit-slinging and/or you distract/discourage anyone else from sharing their stuff, you get the boot.

This also applies when using this instance to interact with users from other instances.

  • don't be an asshat
  • don't encourage asshats
  • report any asshat-ery to the admins
  • follow the admins if they warn you


A loose code of conduct doesn't mean everything is allowed, just like you can't just start huge fireworks in a bar; there still has to be hard and fast rules.

Those are:
  1. No illegal activities of any kind (i.e. illegal in the U.S.)
  2. No untagged porn: add a content warning or else
    • Obviously, illegal porn is not allowed.
  3. No sharing of content from other Mastodon instances that violate the above rules

Violating at least one of these will get you an immediate ban, and likely a report to the authorities for the first rule.

Other Concerns

In case there's something you wanna bring up about this instance, its rules, and/or its users, contact either of the admins.